Thursday, May 17, 2012

so yeah haven't posted since September.

 we've been having computer problems since September but, we still managed to get something out.

 split with Ritalin Attack, Ross Gnarly from Human Transmutation's band

 ..oh yeah
 Human transmutation. Zombie is playing drums in that.

 Full Metal Alchemist themed noisy grind attack.

 also, 37564 had 3 more releases since then:
Eaglebauer Goes to Quiznos, 0cadavernamedAlison0 (finally) and Smile When You're Dead all released stuff since we last posted.

 Thanks again to everyone who downloaded "because reality is shit"/

 we're already writing another album called "That Awkward Moment Between Your Birth And Your Death"

 plus, a split with James Doesn't Exist and a split with Bloody Flux

Monday, September 5, 2011

so ya know. . .

we also got a mumblr:

we're gonna be on a bunch of compilations (first of which, most likely, Operation Grindcore 2)

and Cory started a new project called the Waffle House Massacre with a buddy of his.

very busy year still.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

because reality is shit is out NOW on Grindcore Karaoke


finally, it's here.

Making this was a trip.
Having another release on Grindcore Karaoke is a trip.

Make sure you check out the booklet.
I don't know if I topped the Fuck Capcom one, but I tried.

thanks to Josef Motley for kicking the intros ass.
thanks to Jay Randall for releasing it
thanks to all of you for tolerating ten years of dork metal.

This started in Philly, of course, and when I went back there this weekend for This Is Hardcore, I was trippin' on actually being out there again. I was down there when I made that first 3" demo. Now, a 4th (Most Hated doesn't count, you know) full length album.

It's crazy to think about.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the record.
I'll post some more about it later, when I don't have to go to work in 10 minutes.

Also make sure you check out A Beautiful Lotus's The Dead and Not So Famous:

I didn't get to hear a lot of their stuff back in the day. Great stuff.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the track list for the new album. . .

the album, musically, is DONE

and this is the track list everyone

01. Act 1 Scene 1
02. somehow he contracted self diagnosed aspergers
03. Attack of the Cannibal Quacks
04. Act 12 Stage 8
05. a stripper named Gertrude
06. Paula Deen sings the hits: Twisted Sister
07. i hope some dude from a black metal band takes a picture of you after you blow your brains out
08. Jamie bunker’s power miullet says Gaiares is pretty awesome
09. Ladies and gentlemen, Schadenfruede and the pips
10. Imogen heap shall serenade them when they die
11. i’ve lost my library card, i’m in a k-hole, and i’m a prick
12. Hellbent For Heathers
13. Act 6 Stage 9
14. music for 13 year old girls to cut themselves to (when they’re not throwing acid at each other)
15. my soul infested with swimming horses of blood
16. the new scared straight (as proposed by tossed salad man)
17. the trend is undead (the great zombie trendkill)(fuck yeah)
18. bomb hollywood before michael bay makes another film
19. telemundo estilo de vila masoquismo
20. the christine chubbuck anniversary special
21. Act 77 Stage 9
22. pissing on your kids roadside memorial
23.Act 18 Stage 77
24. the perils of penelope pin-up
25. quit encouraging bedroom mosh nintendo!
26. like an autotune giraffe
27. loldongs?? fucking LOLDONGS?!?!
28. cannabis mutants from outer space washed my dishes yesterday i thanked them and they gave me free tickets for michael jackson concert
30. i just fell asleep and you woke me with your cannibalistic soccer errors
31. should have died at twenty seven

there they are.

it’s almost ready for…well… .anything.

stay tuned

and keep sharing/linking that video

Sunday, June 19, 2011

wanna hear an unreleased song?

this song is called "layla kayleigh vs. a treeshredder"

it was meant to be a follow up to the song "zoe flower vs. a steamroller". It's 3 years old. I wrote it back when I first started taking the piss out of G4 girls. It's so easy and fun because they try so hard.
They actually try harder than Lady Gaga's people try to convince everyone she's a metalhead.

layla kayleigh vs. a tree shredder by KMFCM

these are the lyrics
-Layla Kayleigh vs. the tree shredder-

4 heads double black bagged
i can't tell if this is Morgan or a man in drag
called up my best freind
told him to put on his little sister
because I know she'll slice her wrists
when I tell her MCR (my chemical romance) have lost thier singer
cue Dessart!!!
and nobody can find Layla's glass eye
and nobody can find Layla's left boob
and that's why we're all stuck watching cops
bust in on Holt's botched speed deal
she's so excited
she's so excited
she's. .so. . . . .

....I dunno, does MCR's singer still look exactly like Morgan Webb???

anyway, that's downloadable.

We're on two excellent grindcore compilations
The GRINDING AFTERMATH compilaiton from Grind to Death

and the CRYPTICOMP from Prime Eggsample records (featuring our friends from way way way back in the beginning Colombian Necktie, not to mention I'mthedevil [remember them?])

note, that song is actually going to be on the new album.

also, go grab the OPERATION GRINDCORE compilation, from Operation Grindcore
we're not on it, but Gozer are

speaking of our bros in Gozer, get their new album at bandcamp

the album is finished.
we're coming up with artwork.

the 3 way split with the Leviathan's Mandible and Panspermia will be available pretty soon (very likely before the new album. . .which is awesome. . .because there are connections. . .yes)

we see you

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hi. .....

...busy with the new album as usual.

We're VERY close.

Meanwhile, MYSPACE IS DEAD is officially available from TRASHFUCK RECORDS.

other news, KHR recently got a Twitter.
@kndrgrtnhzngrtl is it

expect lots of new song title posts

that's about all really

stay tuned for more news on the new album, and when we have it the release date for the 3 way split with the Leviathan's mandible and Panspermia